Several times a year the Malaysian-German Society organizes Talks that interest both the Malaysian and the German communities. The subjects may be very different but what they all have in common is that there is usually a close link to Germany, German culture or language. We invite experts in their field of work to pass on their knowledge to the audience by means of a presentation that is normally followed by a short session of questions and answers. Regular talks will be held in cooperation with the DAAD, German Academic Exchange Office on “Studying in Germany tuition free” by Dr. Guido Schnieders, Director of DAAD.

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Excel Course: Pivot Tables, MGS-Members only!
Saturday, 26 August, 04.30 PM

Using MS Excel you can enter and manage data in various ways. However, when it comes to analysing data most people just rely on grouping and filtering. But there is a very powerful tool available in Excel that helps to analyse data and present it in a completely new way:... See details

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