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We started our German Language Courses, which are subsidised by the German government, in 1968 and conducting German language courses has remained one of our main activities ever since. Our courses are conducted by highly qualified teachers and besides acquiring language skills, students learn about social life and culture in the German-speaking countries. In accordance with the Goethe Institut, our courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The MGS offers the language levels A1 until B2. We offer a variety of course formats with the following standards depending on public holidays.

Twice weekly / Hybrid Courses
Twice a week for 4.5 hours (online and classroom hybrid) = 120 hours per course.

Intensive courses  
Two full levels can be completed from January until June or two full levels from July to December.
The course is held daily from Tuesday until Friday and each session with a duration of 3 hours incl. a short break, per full level  around 120 hours.

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If you want to get regular information about our German language courses, events and activities, you can subscribe to our e-Newsletter or simply calling 04-229 6853. Alternatively you could e-mail us at

* The minimum age requirement on all courses offered is 14 years old in the semester the student is registered.

**The Society reserves the right to change the course schedule at any time without prior notice.


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