German Language Courses

Our GLC-Programme offers a variety of German Language Courses throughout the year from level A1 up to C1. In total there are six language levels from A1 until C2. The language levels such as A1, A2 etc. are divided into sublevels which means to complete one full level you have to complete both sublevels such as A1.1 and A1.2. successfully. During the year there will be a break in December / January and one break in June / July. 

1.) Saturday courses = 1 semester (half year) for each sublevel
Once a week for three hours (with one short break). You can complete two sublevels in one year. 
Once a week for 3 hours =  60 hours per course.

2.) Intensive Courses  (full level courses)
These courses are held from Tuesday until Friday, each day for 3hrs. A1 Intensive and  A2 Intensive will be held each day for 3 hours (incl. a short break) = 120 hours per course. And you can follow up with the B1 Intensive Course.

3.) Private lessons (based on hours)
Private lessons are grouped into hours, starting from 15 hours per package. This is suitable for students prefering a one to one learning environment. Contact our office to find out more.

4.) Company lessons (based on hours)
German language course conducted in your office at the convenience of your team. Contact our office to find out more.

For those who are eager to reach the level B 1 for further studies in Germany, please keep in mind that a B 1 certificate is a must for your application. Highly recommended is a B1 exam from Goethe Institute. 


Kindly note and pay attention when you pay online to fill in the right amount: A surcharge fee of RM20 will apply to any refund request, any overpaid amount may be credited to the next invoice.

1.) Student Membership
Kindly note that all German language students need to become a MGS member. MGS provides a special student membership RM20 per semester. The membership is valid for one semester.

2.) Exams and Exam Fees
MGS language exams are compulsory for each level, also for sublevels. The exams correspond to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Every exam is set up in 4 subchapters: Reading and understanding, writing and grammar, listening and speaking. In total you can reach 100 points and 60 points are compulsory to join the next higher course.

3.) Early Bird Discount
For returning students who are studying in ongoing courses, we offer a special discount of currently RM 50 if you register and pay for the following semester approximately one month before the end of the ongoing semester.
Please contact our office.

4.) Minimum Age Requirement
The minimum age requirement on all courses offered is 14 years old in the semester registered.

5.) Placement tests
For those resuming a course after a 6 months break, a placement test is required before registration. Please contact our office for further arrangements.

A1 Level for beginners (A 1.1. + A 1.2.)

This course is current unavailable. Please check back later.

A2 Level (A 2.1. + A 2.2.)

October Intake 2019
Tuesday - Friday,
7 - 10 pm

3 Oct - 12 Dec, 2019
Exam: 13 Dec 2019
Total RM1,999
Course fee, exam fee, membership fee, text book

Full A Level (A = A1a + A1b + A2a + A2b)

This course is current unavailable. Please check back later.

B1 Level

This course is current unavailable. Please check back later.

B2 Level

This course is current unavailable. Please check back later.

C1 Level

This course is current unavailable. Please check back later.

Conversation Course

Private Lessons

Kindly contact for more information
Private lessons based on hours