GLC-Programme Registration

Terms and conditions

1.) Please note that registration is important, because the courses will be opened with a minimum number of students only.

For A-Levels: min. 6 students. For B-Levels: 5 students.

2.) Kindly pay attention to transfer the right amount, a surcharge fee of RM20 will apply to any refund request, any overpaid amount may be credited to the next invoice.

3.) Please pay BEFORE the course is starting. Once the full payment is made, your registration is confirmed. Payment is made either in cash or cheque to the Malaysian-German Society . Online banking is possible, please send a soft copy or your payment slip to our office (

Bank Name CIMB Bank Bhd
Bank Address 409, Jalan Burmah, 10350 Pulau Tikus, Penang
Account No. 800 394 6981

4.) Refund or discount: Full refund is possible, if the course cannot be opened due to less number of students. Classes missed by participants for whatever reason cannot be replaced or refunded.

5.) Please register only once. If you already registered in the office do not register additionally online. Thank you.

Liability Declaration:
The Malaysian-German Society (MGS) will not accept responsibility for damage caused to its property by any student during the course of teaching, and the MGS will not be able to monitor the student's behaviour in the classroom on the MGS' premises at all times. With acknowledging the above I herewith consent to participate in the teaching course and assume full responsibility for any damage of the MGS' property, including but not restricted to the interactive whiteboard systems (“SMART boards”) in the Classroom, that I may have caused, by intention or gross negligence.