Talk: Study in Germany
Thursday, 3 December, 07.30 PM at MGS

We are welcoming Dr. Guido Schnieders, director of DAAD in KL, for his talk about studying in Germany. 

Studying in Germany becomes more and more interesting for Malaysian students. And it turns out that there are many questions and information which are important if you decide to make your way to Germany.  The talk gives a good overview on the  general academic education system and detailed information about benefits, challenges and financial conditions of studying for a Bachelor or Master degree in Germany.

The German university system provides a combination of theoretical and practical learning both at Universities of Applied Science (=Fach-Hochschule) and Universities (= Universität / Technische Hochschule). Learning a new culture and language, experiencing the different countries in Europe and gaining high-end technology know-how are some benefits of studying in Germany.

The DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service - is a worldwide service and the Malaysian office is located in Kuala Lumpur (

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