The amazing officers of the German cruiser Emden by Dr. John Robertson
Friday, 20 November, 08.00 PM at MGS

At the beginning of World War One the German East Asiatic Squadron of warships was forced to abandon their base in Tsing Tao and flee across the Pacific to avoid confrontation with the combined might of the British and Japanese navies.

But one German cruiser, the Emden, faught an astonishing rear-guard action around the Bay of Bengal. Over a period of several weeks they captured over twenty British merchant ships, blew up the oil depot in Madras and finally sank the Russian cruiser Zhemtchug and the French destroyer Mousquet in the Battle of Penang. She was eventually cornered by the Australian cruiser Sydney. Emden's success was largely due to the brilliant leadership of her commander Karl von Muller supported by a remarkable crew.

This is the story of the Emden's amazing German officers.  

34. german light cruiser sms emden. Da dr john robertson

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