MGS History

The Malaysian-German Society Penang was established in 1962 by a handful of dedicated and far-sighted Malaysians and Germans residing in Penang. Over the years it has gained the respect and support of the State Government of Penang. Through its activities the Society has built up good Malaysian-German relations.

In its efforts to promote friendship and understanding between locals and Germans in Penang the Society has organized various functions, both cultural and social to bring people together and expose them to both the cultures of Malaysia and Germany. Thus through the years numerous concerts were held bringing well-known German musicians and orchestras to our shores. German cultural festivities were celebrated with members and friends with the hope that Malaysians would gain better understanding of the culture of Germany. At the same time Malaysian festivals were also celebrated with local cultural shows to project the diversity of the Malaysian culture to our German members.

The Society is very fortunate to have the unfailing support of the German Embassy and the Goethe-Institute Kuala Lumpur throughout this time. The Goethe-Institute in particular, has been invaluable in assisting the Society with inviting musicians to perform for us in Penang. We must also express our special thanks to the Goethe-Institute for their help with regards to our German language courses as well as providing us with German films and German art for members to learn and enjoy German culture.

In more recent years, the Society saw it befitting to embark on a new aspect of its activities. With regards to these activities, the Society has been fortunate in having the support of many Penangites and the German community in Penang as without it, the Society’s efforts would have been in vain.

We look back with nostalgia at the colourful events of the past 50 years.


Term Presidents
1962    -   1963 Dr. N. K. Menon
1963    -   1969 Mr. Soon Cheng Sun
1970    -   1973 Dr. N. K. Menon
1974    -   1991 Dato Salleh bin Hussein
1991    -    1994 Dr. Wolfgang Haack
1994    -   1998 Dr. Wong Chee Hoong
1998    -   2000 Mr. J. H. Friele
2000   -   2002 Dato Saleena Yahaya - Isa
2002   -   2006 Mr. Wolfgang Hösel
2006   -   2014 Mr. Karl Ebinger
2014   -   2018 Dr. Achim Lauermann
2018   -   2020 Ms. Petra Müller
2020   -   2021 Mr. Markus Sokolowski (March 2021)
2021   - Dr. Wolfgang Mark (from April 2021)