Movie Nights

On the “2nd Friday every other month” the MGS is the perfect venue to chill out to watch some movies! You can´t find these movies in the local cinemas. We have a wide selection of German movies to show: comedy, romance, thriller and more. We sure have something for everybody's taste. Everyone is welcome to our movie nights that currently take place at our own premises in the upstairs hall. Most of the screened movies have English subtitles so it's easy to follow the story.

Next Event

Monday, 26 October, 08.00 PM

Meet & Mingle   7:30pm Movie starts      8:00pm   ---------------------------------------   Sweethearts (2019) 1h 47min | Comedy, Crime, Romance |   Single mother Mel hopes to finally put her financial misery behind with a diamond heist. However, the plan fails and suddenly Mel is on the run and has Franny of... See details

Past Events

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