Gnade / Mercy
Friday, 14 April, 08.30 PM at MGS

Gnade (Mercy) is a 2012 German drama film directed by Matthias Glasner. The film was shown in competition at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival in February 2012.

Mercy (Gnade in German, Nåde in Norwegian) is a German/Norwegian co-production about a German family of three living and working in one of the Northern-most cities in the world, Hammerfest. Dad is working in a large gas facility, mom as a nurse. We start following them during the harsh winter time, and they have serious trouble with their Marriage. He is struggling with the dark days during mid winter, and is having an affair, and she works more overtime than she wants to, when suddenly an accident occurs.

All of that located in the Norwegian Hammerfest, offering a colorful but harsh landscape. It forms a perfect location for the drama that we see developing. And there is the even-so perfect combination of human elements, a few sub-plots and a wonderful collection of actors.


Germany, 2012, Drama, German with English subtitles, FSK 12, 2h 12 min

Actors: Jürgen Vogel as Niels, Birgit Minichmayr as Maria

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