Das Blaue vom Himmel - New date!
Friday, 15 July, 08.30 PM at MGS

The film takes place in January 1991 in Germany and Latvia. Parallel youth Margas is in the 1930s and 1940s in in frequent flashbacks Jurmala and Riga shown.

Sofia and her husband live in Berlin; Sofias mother Marga lives in a retirement home in Bonn. Just as Sofia made ​​a post about current events during the Singing Revolution in Latvia when she got a call that her mother in the psychiatry in Wuppertal was admitted. She learns that Marga took a taxi to her former home in Wuppertal, has entered there and smashed china. Sofia interrupts their work and travels the next morning to Wuppertal.

This initializes a different approach from mother and daughter and the story of the family starts to change as new insights reveal secrets of the past.

"Steinbichler family drama about fanatical love and repressed guilt is wonderfully illustrated and played great - but his gaffes in pathos and sentimentality should provide occasional Stirnrunzler ". - Ulf Lepelmeier, Filmstarts.de


Directors: Hans Steinbichler

Stars: Juliane Köhler, Hannelore Elsner, Karoline Herfurth, David Kross, Matthias Brandt

Blaue-vom-himmel-das-juliane-khler-hannelore-elsne-1-rcm528x528u Blaue vom himmel-8 july 2016

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