Looking for volunteers!
Thursday, 12 September 2019

We are searching for volunteers to be part of the MGS-Team at our annual Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest 25th & 26th, October, 2019.

Time : 5.30pm to 12am (Depending on shift)

Click download for a copy of this advertisment.


Please contact us at office@mgs.org.my to let us know which your preferred day and stall/task is.

Compulsory event briefing on Thursday, 24 October at MGS

The following stalls and tasks are available:


MGS Food Stall

Prepare food, pretzel-baking, cutting meatloaf, prepare mustard and chili sauce etc.

Work at the food stall, giving out food to customers, refill food plates etc.

Volunteers will be working next to a grill which means it is a hot working environment.


This team will sell & control the entrance tickets, gives directions and information.


Games Stall

The company B.Braun is providing game stalls, where you will support the children. The game stalls are closing around 10:30pm/11pm.


VIP Service

This team is responsible to welcome each VIP at the entrance, to guide them to the table, to serve them food and drinks.


Merchandising Stall

Prepare the merchandise items nicely and sell merchandise.


This team is working behind the stage and on stage to provide and move items, handle inscription for on stage entertainment etc. This team is responsible that the competitions on stage are running smoothly.


You will sit in the lobby of MGS directly next to the glass door. You have to control that only authorized people enter the house: The Red Cross and police will sit down and meet inside, some of our board members might go to change on first floor and the library is only for our merchandise stall.


You will be in charge of the cash boxes of the different MGS stalls. You will have to make sure that the cash boxes are tally at the end of your shift.



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