German Tigers
Friday, 20 April, 04.03 PM

As an acknowledgement to outstanding German artists, students from the Penang Equator Academy of Arts have produced a collection with the theme, “German Tigers”. The 32 artworks on display are inspired by German artists like Paul Klee, Franz Marc, Emil Nolde and Heinz Scholhammer, and represent the students’ interpretations of the artists’ respective styles and they encompass diverse mediums, including tempera, woodcarving, modelling in wax and poster colour.

Having the opening of the exhibition scheduled as part of our Open Day on April 14th, many people were present in our function hall to attend the inauguration. After a greeting by our President, the principal of the Equator Academy of Art, Datuk Chuah Kooi Yong, spoke about the honour to be associated with the MGS for so many years and to be a part of its 50th Anniversary celebrations. He also thanked the MGS for giving young artists of the academy, who has been at the forefront of art and design education since its inception in 1987, the possibility to find an audience by organizing these exhibitions.

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