Christmas Celebration & Bazaar 2015
Saturday, 28 November, 03.00 PM at MGS

On Saturday 28 November we held our annual Christmas Celebration, each year the society is aglow with Christmas trees and decorations.

The afternoon tea and coffe is a typical time to meet up for a chat and to enjoy homemade German cakes and cookies. Usually a childrens' programme is organised and the kids are always the happiest when “der Weihnachtsmann” appears from around the corner. Every child receives a Christmas goodie bag with little gifts such as gingerbread, fruits and nuts. Christmas corals performed by the IWA-choir and life music by locals guitarist players will lighten up your mood.

Some crafts, jewellery and delicious cookies and marmelade will be on sale. In the evening you might enjoy mulled wine, barbecued sausages and sauerkraut?

With all the goodies and the programme for the adults and kids alike, we always have a wonderful Christmas at our Society!

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