Art exhibition: !CONTENT RECEIVED? by Barbara Auer and Gabriele Bürger
Friday, 23 November, 07.30 PM

From 23 November to 2 December the two German artists Barbara Auer and Gabriele Bürger will showcase their artwork at MGS.
The visual depiction is the most original way of communication. With her drawings the German artist Barbara Auer creates expressive snapshots that cover a wide range of human encounters.
Each pictures has its own way to convey its message to the viewer, always showing the contentual relation between the characters.
"Eat faster or your rice will turn cold..."
"As long as you put your feet underneath my table..."
Hearing this usually sparks complex emotions, as everyone has heard those type of sentences in their childhood.
The aim of German artist Gabriele Bürger is to deal with those “parents' sentences” that everyone knows and that triggers emotions of very special memories.


Opening on 23 November, 7.30 pm


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